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I Heard That Loud and Clear

“It was so sudden. It was devastating. It began with pneumonia.” said Bela, “My mother had been active. She enjoyed traveling, cooking and gardening. She was visiting my brother and she became ill and had breathing issues. She was in Kindred. They said that Barlow is very good at weaning people off the respirator.”

"How Could You Not Want the Valve Used with Your Loved One?"

Margery’'s partner, Fred, had a devastating hemorrhagic stroke. He required a tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation to live. Many of the hospital staff ignored his attempts to communicate because they were unable to understand him and they felt that he was not responding appropriately. Weeks went by and no attempts were made to determine if Fred would be able to speak.

Featured Patient: Luis

Case Study: Voicing with a cuffless trach compared to the Passy Muir® Valve

The Role of the Passy Muir® Valve in Physical Therapy

Mary Massery PT, DPT, DSc

Dr. Massery received her BS in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in 1977, her DPT from the University of the Pacific in 2004, and her DSc from Rocky Mountain University in 2011. Mary’s publications and interests focus on linking motor behaviors to breathing and/or postural mechanics for both pediatric and adult patient populations.

Simulation Labs Promote Confidence and Competence in Nurses and Family Members

Clinical simulation has gained tremendous momentum over the past decade in medical teaching programs and has been found to be a powerful and cost effective method of reinforcing clinical knowledge, improving team communication and teaching decision making skills.

How Early in Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury Can a Passy Muir® Valve Be Used?

Assessment of cognitive function begins very early in patients with severe traumatic brain injury, often as soon as patients begin emerging from a deep coma (1-3). The Rappaport Coma/Near Coma Scale is a standardized assessment tool that scores a patient’s responses to various stimuli across all sensory domains (1). A patient’s ability to vocalize or verbalize is a significant factor in this assessment.

The Role of the Passy Muir® Valve in Adult and Pediatric Rehabilitation

Rebecca Wills BA, CRT, CRT-NPS

Does the placement of a tracheostomy tube have an impact on a patient’s physical functioning, for example: trunk control, posture, and movement?

The Effect of the Passy-Muir® Valve on Disordered Swallowing

Liza Blumenfeld MA, CCC-SLP

At the 2012 Dysphagia Research Society Conference held in Toronto, Canada, Liza Blumenfeld MA, CCC-SLP from Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California presented a scientific paper on the effect of the Passy Muir® Valve use on disordered swallowing. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Blumenfeld and ask her about what prompted her interest in studying the Passy Muir® Valve.

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