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Grace Hospital is a community hospital founded in 1910. It is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit charitable organization. For the past 101 years, Grace Hospital has continuously provided healthcare services to Greater Cleveland. In 1995, Grace Hospital began to specialize in Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC), which provides care for medically-complex patients requiring extended periods of hospitalization.

Today, Grace Hospital is the largest LTAC provider in the Greater Cleveland metropolitan area. It has a close working relationship with the Cleveland Clinic Healthcare System and has inpatient satellites located within Fairview, Lakewood and South Pointe Hospitals. In 2012, Grace opened another 32 bed satellite at University Hospital Bedford Medical Center (Owned by University Hospitals Health System). As a “hospital within a hospital” Grace seamlessly extends a patient’s care leading to shorter lengths of stay, fewer readmissions, and increased discharges to home.

Grace Hospital averages 750 admissions and 22,000 inpatient days per year. Grace Hospital serves patients with complex medical conditions including respiratory, cardiac, and neurological issues, needing long term acute care. The LTAC length of stay is 25 days or more and allows patients to transition to the next level of care.

At Grace Hospital, education is valued. Within the hospital, yearly competencies in use of the Passy Muir® Valve are provided. Grace Hospital also has affiliations with local colleges and universities including Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Bowling Green State University, Walsh University, Lorain County Community College and Cuyahoga Community College and serve as preceptors for students in several clinical practicum experiences.

One of Grace Hospital’s specialty areas is ventilator weaning. Grace Hospital believes in a multidisciplinary team approach and incorporating the Passy Muir Valve to facilitate weaning, decannulation and progression to an oral diet. The dedicated Trach/Vent Team includes pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and registered dietitians. Grace Hospital's clinical staff provides patients the extra time, clinical excellence and compassionate care they need to recover and progress to a lesser level of treatment.

The team’s evidence based practice approach including use of the Passy Muir Valve has resulted in exceptional outcomes. Grace Hospital has a ventilator weaning rate of >57% over the last 5 ½ years. In addition, over a 3 year period the tube feeding to oral feeding progression rate was 48% compared to a national average of 27.5%.

  • In 2013, Grace Hospital's Ventilator Weaning Rate was 80% (National Benchmark >65%)
  • In the first 6 months of 2014, their Ventilator Weaning Rate was 78% (40/51)
  • For 2014, Grace Hospital's VAP rate was .46 (National Benchmark .6)
  • Their 3 year tube feeding progression rate is 48% compared to national average 27.5%

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Policy and Procedures

Click here to download Grace Hospital's Policy and Procedure.

Other Documents

Click here to download Grace Hospital's Passy Muir® Valve Troubleshooting Guide.

Click here to download Grace Hospital's Passy Muir® Valve Competency.

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