Passy Muir® Secure-It®

Passy Muir® Tracheostomy & Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve
Passy Muir® Secure It®


The PMV® 2000 (clear), PMV® 2001 (Purple Color™), and PMV® 2020 (clear) are designed with a small ring that allows the PMV Secure-It to attach from the PMV to the trach tie to prevent valve loss. Each PMV 2000, PMV 2001 and PMV 2020 comes packaged with one PMV® Secure-It®. The PMV Secure-It is also available in packets of five. Use of the PMV Secure-It is optional.

Product Number/Ref: PMVSI

Application of the Passy Muir® Valve

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