Percutaneous Tracheostomy Program and Patient Outcomes

Vinciya Pandian MSN, CRNP
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing , Baltimore, MD

Few hospitals have a dedicated team to manage patients undergoing tracheostomy, and few studies have explored the benefits of such a team approach. The Johns Hopkins Hospital Percutaneous Tracheostomy Program is a unique multidisciplinary program that was established to meet the peri-operative and post-operative needs of patients undergoing tracheostomy. The webinar will provide an overview of the Percutaneous Tracheostomy Program, development of the program, and its functions. In addition, to describing the Percutaneous Tracheostomy Program, its impact on patient outcomes will be discussed. A respiratory therapist and speech pathologists from the team will be available to describe their roles and answer questions related to issues with management of tracheostomy patients




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